Visitor & Event Parking

Visitor and event parking is available in the parking garage facility, located in the 4700 block of Sunset Avenue, between 46th and 49th Streets. Motorist access to the 1,025-space garage is available from Sunset Avenue. The parking garage is open 4:00 AM to Midnight each day with a standard rate structure (listed below), but may be subject to special event parking fees. The Butler parking garage machines accept credit card only.

Event Parking

Special event parking fees of $10 will be charged for Clowes Hall events larger than 400 people, Football games, and Men’s Basketball games, but some other events may also have event rates. The parking garage will be used for event parking during all events. The Hinkle Lot will be presold event parking for football and basketball. A shuttle is provided for men’s basketball games between the garage and Hinkle Fieldhouse. Available payment options include cash and credit cards (with chip). Where the event rate is listed as OPEN or $0 there is no charge for parking. Where it is listed as Hourly, the standard garage hourly rates apply.

Event Parking Schedule

  • Friday                 5/3    7:30 PM: Romeo and Juliet

Sunset Avenue Garage Parking Fees

Hourly Non-Event Fees

Less than 60 minutesFREE
60–90 minutes$2
90+ minutes$3
2+ hours$4
3+ hours$5
4+ hours$6
5+ hours$7
6+ hours$8
7+ hours$9
8+ hours$10
10+ hours$15
12+ hours$20

Overnight Guests

Overnight guests staying at the University should obtain a temporary hangtag from either Butler Parking Services in the Sunset Avenue parking garage during business hours or BUPD Dispatch at 525 W. Hampton Drive at after hours. The hangtag is free and allows for keeping a vehicle in the “I” lot on west campus. Overnight hangtags are not issued for periods longer than 3 days.

Baseball, Softball, Tennis and West Campus Parking

Butler Baseball or Tennis attendees may park in the Hinkle fieldhouse parking lot. Attendees that are not students or employees of the University may also park along 52nd Street during the game or meet. Students or employees should park in the area designated for their parking permit.

There is limited parking available at West Campus where Softball and Lacrosse are played. There are 70 spaces available at the softball parking lot where priority is given to softball events.

Metered Parking

All meters accept credit cards as well as quarters, dimes, and nickels. They provide 15 minutes for 25 cents. Maximum is 2 hours.

Meters are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Permit requirements are enforced for students, staff and faculty.

If the meter is damaged, jammed, or otherwise not properly working, do not park there. You will be liable for a citation. Please report any problem to the Office of Parking Services, 317-940-9243.

Accessible Visitor Parking

Visitors with an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) license plate, state ADA placard/hangtag, or an Indiana Disabled Veteran license plate may utilize any available ADA parking spot on the University. You must, however, be the driver of the vehicle or be the passenger. The placard/hang tag must also be valid (not expired) and be visible. Not doing so could result in a citation.

Parking Garage Ticket Validation Requests

University Colleges and Departments may obtain parking garage validation tickets for their guests. To make a request go to and create a parking services case.

There is a minimum order of 20 validations per order and validations are $3 each.