Parking Permits

Online vehicle registration for AY 24-25 permits will open Monday, July 22nd at 9:30 AM EST.
  • All students (living on- or off-campus) must register their vehicles with the Parking Services office and obtain a valid parking permit in order to park on campus or an authorized city street.
  • Students may not park vehicles on the streets of the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood that surrounds campus. A legal commitment filed by the City of Indianapolis requires Butler to enforce this.
  • Permits are limited to the number of parking spaces available. Permits for on-campus residents have typically sold out in July. An online wait list will be posted for students who still wish to obtain a permit.
  • In AY 23-24, 281 Students received a permit offer from the wait list prior to move-in weekend. This process is important to allow us to receive and address accommodations for medical needs and transportation required for coursework before all permits are made available.
  • Parking enforcement for non-registration will begin on the first day of instruction for each academic year.

All University parking facilities are regulated by a permit system. To utilize these parking lots, you must have your vehicle registered with the University Police Department. These lots are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Faculty, staff, students, and affiliates who park in a metered space or the parking garage must have their vehicle registered with a current permit valid for parking on campus.

Annual permits are valid from the date of purchase through August 20 of the next academic year. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to know the expiration date and renew as necessary.

Permit Types

Permit Display

The easiest way to avoid a parking citation is to properly display your permit and park in the area designated for that permit.

Do not:

  • Use tape to secure permit to window. The permit is a sticker and will adhere to the window on its own.
  • Leave your permit lying on the seat, dash, or the back window of the car.

Affixed permits must match the vehicle registration. The permit must be placed on the back window, lower left-hand corner. If you have a convertible top, you may place the permit on the lower left corner of the windshield. Motorcycle permits must be displayed on the windshield, if applicable, or the front fork.

Lost or Stolen Permits

The University is not responsible for lost permits. Make sure your permit makes it onto the back window of the vehicle. You may obtain a replacement permit at the Office of Parking Services, located at 4702 Sunset Drive, Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46208. If the permit is stolen, a police report must be filed in order to receive the replacement cost of $5. If the permit is lost, the cost of a new permit is the regular current price of the permit.

If the lost or stolen permit is recovered, it must be returned to the Office of Parking Services immediately. Use of a lost or stolen permit may result in a citation or impoundment of the vehicle.