Dawg Ride

This on-demand safety transportation service allows students to safely traverse campus during the evening hours, especially when alone. Dawg Ride operates seven days a week from 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM during the academic year when classes are in session. University Police will perform safety escorts outside the Dawg Ride hours or if the Dawg Ride is unavailable.

Please note that if you request a ride outside the Dawg Ride hours of service, a driver will not be able to accept your ride request, but University Police may offer alternatives, including walking escorts, to ensure your safety.

To request a ride on Dawg Ride:

  • Text the following information to 317-940-9992
    • 1) Pick-Up Location – Send a location pin from google or apple maps. Alternatively you can provide the stop number.
    • 2) Student name and number of passengers to escort.
    • 3) Drop-Off Location – Provide the stop number or name of the location on-campus to be dropped-off.
  • Dawg Ride Driver should respond with ETA to the number texted from using Butler Ring Central.
    • Note: Driver will also use text to contact you if they arrive at your pick-up location and do not see you.

Dawg Ride rules of use:

  • Students are reminded to follow the University Alcohol Policy. The University Police will be contacted to investigate students under the age of 21 who appear to have been drinking or any individual (regardless of age) that is in a state of intoxication that endangers themselves or others.
  • You may not ride this safety escort service more than two times in one evening. This service is not intended to be a mass transit bus service.
  • We do not transport to off-campus locations, other than those noted on the attached map that are adjacent to campus property.
  • At the driver’s sole discretion, no more than three riders will be transported from one location to the same location. (This rule does not apply to transportation to/from the “I” lot.)