Classics Major & Minor

The Classical Studies Program offers two major tracks, with an option to complete either in 3 years, and a minor. Competence in Greek or Latin is required for the major tracks. Familiarity is recommended but not required for the minor. Through both major tracks and the minor, the program aims to develop in the student an appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of classical literature and a comprehension of the abiding principles of the Western heritage. The program is also interested in students who wish to relate Classics to work in wide array of other disciplines such as English, history, modern languages, philosophy, political science, or religion.

Students may receive credit toward the major tracks or the minor for courses in Latin or Greek taken before enrolling at Butler. A student who places at the 300 level and takes two 300 level courses with a grade of C or above will receive 9 credits. A student who places at the 200 level and takes two 200 level courses and two 300 level courses with a grade of C or above will receive 3 credits. Students who take the AP Latin test may also receive 3 credit hours for a 200 level course.

NOTE: Degree requirements for incoming students may not reflect the actual degree requirements of current students.

Current students should consult their own academic advisement report in to see their individual requirements and progress toward degree completion.