Georgia Watkins Student Grant

Revised Fall, 2014

Thanks to the Georgia Watkins Fund, the Classics Program at Butler will be able to offer financial support to help Classics majors and minors participate in off-campus opportunities that would further their intellectual or vocational interests in the languages, cultures, history, and literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Activities that might qualify include:

  • Travel, conference fees, and expenses for academic meetings (APA, CAMWS, ICC, Eta Sigma Phi, IJCL, etc.)
  • Travel and housing aid for workshops (summer Greek or Latin workshops, archaeological digs, etc.)
  • Travel to pre-professional events, such as visits for Classics graduate programs
  • Support for study abroad opportunities with a strong Classics focus
  • Support for expenses connected with undergraduate theses or independent study projects
  • Support for student-initiated and organized workshops or seminars to be held on the Butler campus

Requests for support must be submitted in an electronic file, preferably a PDF. See below for instructions.

The Classics faculty will review proposals monthly from October 1 through April 1, on or shortly after the first of each month. Applicants will be informed of the disposition of their application within two or three weeks.

Support from the Watkins Fund is designated for majors and minors in Classics at Butler University, especially those with a high record of involvement with the Classical Studies program both in and out of the classroom.

At the end of the award period, students will need to submit a report about the experience. The length of report should reflect the scope of the experience funded by the Watkins Fund.

Submit your completed application in an electronic file to the program’s administrative specialist, Elizabeth Huselton (