Ancient Roman structure

Embrace the best aspects of the liberal arts.

Through study of the Greeks and Romans you’ll learn that the emphasis both cultures placed on knowledge, wisdom, and experience are not just the keys to our Program, but are the keys to life as well.

Immerse yourself in the culture, history, languages, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Whether studying Latin or Greek on Butler’s campus, navigating the twisting streets of Pompeii, or getting your hands dirty on an archaeology dig in Greece, you’ll enrich your mind and imagination, sharpen thinking and communication skills, and hone your ability to respond critically and thoughtfully to the varying challenges of the modern world. 

Our alumni have gone on to teach Latin in high schools, pursue law school, work in entertainment, museums, ministry, or as professional historians. We have even had students pair Classics with a major in the sciences in the pursuit of bio-medical careers.

Take your learning outside the classroom.