Museum Studies Minor

The Museum Studies minor offers 18 credit hours of study, focusing on both historical and contemporary issues facing museum professionals.

Students studying in this program can expect to learn about the history of museums as well as the political and ethical issues related to collecting and displaying historical items. Students will also discuss current issues facing museum professionals, including museum content connected to the fields of history, anthropology, art and art history, classical studies, archaeology, and museum management.

This minor is intended for those who are not only interested in working in museums and furthering their education through graduate studies, but also for those who would like to expand their knowledge of topics connected to this discipline or round out their liberal arts education.

Students are able to complete this minor in either the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the Jordan College of the Arts.

Required Courses

  • AA 301: Principles & Practices of Arts Administration (3 credit hours)
  • ART 314: Art Museum Studies (3)

Choice of one:

  • AN 347: Museum Studies (3 credit hours)
  • AN 380: Modern Museums (3 credit hours)
  • HST 303: Introduction to Public History (3 credit hours)

Total Required Courses: 9 credit hours

Elective Courses

Choose 3 of the following—up to 2 may be from 200 level or less:

  • AA 425: Arts Education & Community Engagement (3 credit hours)
  • ART 105: Art History Survey 1 (3 credit hours)
  • ART 205: Art History Survey 2 (3 credit hours)
  • AN 340: Non-Western Art (3 credit hours)
  • AN 364: Native American Cultures (3 credit hours)
  • CLA 300/AN 380/HST 305: Study Tour of Classical Greece (3 credit hours)
  • CLA 322: Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece & Rome (3 credit hours)
  • PCA 202-ART: Intro to Art History (3 credit hours)
  • PCA 239-SA: Arts & Cultural Management in Italy (3 credit hours)
  • PCA 262-CLA: Greek Art and Myth (3 credit hours)

Total Elective Courses: 9 credit hours

Total Hours for the Museum Studies Minor: 18 credit hours

  • PCA 267-HST: Experiencing the City: Indianapolis through Public Art, Architecture, and Performance (3 credit hours)
  • AA/AN/ART/HST: Internship (AA 373, AN 484, ART 453, HST 421) (3 credit hours)