Computer Science & Software Engineering Student Awards

Each spring the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering honors its outstanding students with departmental awards. We invite others to join us in celebrating their achievements.

  • 2022: Chloe Makdad, Andrew Stinson
  • 2023:  Madeline Neely, Colton Ruhland

Presented to outstanding upper-class students majoring in computer science. It was created in memory of Professor Kaj Nielsen, chair of the mathematical sciences department from 1971 to 1985; he initiated Butler’s computer science major program.

  • 2022: Lucas Johnson, Madeline Neely
  • 2023:  Reece Parks, Anna Schroeder
  • 2022: Mason Lovett
  • 2023:  Aryn Stahl

Presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to our Engineering Projects in Community Service program to students who have completed at least three semesters in the program.

  • 2022: Lucas Johnson, Andrew Stinson, Ian Wallack
  • 2023:  Daniel Field

Given to students who are being recognized for their leadership in the department, for participation in the ACM student chapter, and for enthusiasm and proactive participation in departmental activities.

  • 2022: Davis Botta, Adam Crozier, Jennifer Gattuso, Mason Lovett, Jed Martin
  • 2023:  Isabell Austin, Noah Baker, Davis Botta, Adam Crozier, Kate Edwards, Jed Martin, Nic Reilly, Anna Vadella