Computer Science &
Software Engineering

Immerse yourself in computing.

With the small class sizes of a liberal arts school and the rigorous, well-rounded curriculum and premier resources of a dedicated tech school, you’ll have all the advantages you need to excel.

Computer science class in progress

Blending academics, research, and service.

As a Computer Science major, you’ll learn programming and problem-solving techniques. Studying math, databases, computer architecture, programming language structure, and object-oriented design will prepare you to work in database or systems administration, online and mobile development, and more. There’s even the option to complete the degree in three years, getting a jump start on your career.

Interested in collaborating with others to build large software systems? Then Software Engineering is the right major. Explore design, development, requirements engineering, testing, and quality assurance—all skills wanted by companies ranging from local startups to major defense contractors or medical software companies and everything in between.

What You’ll Study

Students begin with foundational math problem-solving and programming classes, before specializing in upper-division courses. Butler’s flexible liberal arts curriculum allows many of our students to add a second major or minor that will give them a marketplace advantage. Popular choices are music, mathematics, media arts, or a foreign language.