Get Involved with the CUES

Impact Through the Contributions of Others

The CUES team is small in number, so every project we undertake relies upon the expertise of Butler faculty and community partners as well as the passion and ingenuity of Butler students. Not only does this enable us to undertake projects that the CUES alone would not have the capacity to accomplish, but it also increases our impact by bringing together some of the brightest minds at Butler University and in Indianapolis to advance the study and practice of urban ecology and sustainability.

Interested in being involved in dynamic projects that leave behind a positive environmental legacy for future generations? We collaborate regularly with students, faculty, and community partners to accomplish our mission to research, educate, and empower actions that benefit the urban ecosystem.

Individual Action

Learn more about how you can make a difference to Butler Sustainability through individual action. Our Green Living Guide covers how to be more green during move in/move out, transportation, waste management, energy and water conservation, green purchasing, and our Green Grad program where you can earn a green cord to wear at graduation.


In addition to CUES interns working at the farm, volunteer opportunities may be available to groups at pre-scheduled times. Please contact Farm Manager Tim Dorsey in advance to arrange your experience.