Calm App

Thanks to a collaboration between Student Affairs and Human Resources, Butler University offers a free partnership with Calm for all current students, faculty and staff.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties navigating to the Calm sites, setting up your registration, or downloading the Calm app, please contact the Calm Support team here.

Calm is a meditation, sleep and relaxation app, available in both the App Store and Google Play store.

Calm creates unique audio content that strengthens mental fitness and tackles some of the biggest mental health challenges of today: stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The most popular feature on Calm is a 10-minute meditation called, ‘The Daily Calm,’ that explores a fresh mindful theme and inspiring concept each day. Calm also contains 250+ Sleep Stories (bed-time stories for all ages), plus sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds, Calm Masterclasses delivered by world experts, and more.