Health Promotion

Well-being is about more than cardio and broccoli.

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Health Promotion actively seeks to educate and empower students to make informed choices that positively impact personal wellness and the wellness of the greater community. Figuring out how to stay well in college can be a challenge. We’re here to help! Staff and peer educators from Health Promotion help shape an environment that supports wellness by offering free events and workshops on topics students care about, hosting campus-wide campaigns to raise awareness about trending health topics, and making reputable health information accessible to students through our website.

Sexual Assault Prevention

As part of Butler’s comprehensive approach to ending sexual violence on campus, some educational offerings are tailored to meet the needs of specific populations, and other offerings are shared with the entire campus. All campus residences offer prevention programming and in-hall exhibits of trending topics including healthy relationships, consent, and bystander intervention. Ongoing training is offered through Health Promotion, Counseling and Consultation Services and the Butler University Police Department to students, faculty, and staff by request. Find more information about the Butler University Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Specialist Program.

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Katie Wood
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Health Promotion Specialist

We dug into the research around substance use, self-care, sexual health, and other topics and have created Butler-specific campaign toolkits, resources and campus events to promote healthy and informed choices.

GYT Tuesday Free HIV and STD Testing

Health Promotion has partnered with local service providers The Damien Center and The Bellflower Clinic to offer free and private STD testing and consultations. Students can get tested the first Tuesday of every month at Butler University’s Health Services in the Health and Recreation Complex (HRC).

Sexual Health

Whether you’re thinking about it, doing it, or talking about it, we want to help promote healthy and informed personal choices around sex.  Since we know that latex condoms reduce the risk of STI transmission by providing a barrier against the source of the infection, condoms are available at no cost in the restrooms on the main level of the Health and Recreation Complex as well as in the waiting area of Health Services.