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BU Be Well podcastStay connected to campus and tune in to the The BU|BeWell Podcast! Join the show’s student hosts as they share their wellbeing experiences and talk with faculty, staff, students, and community members about wellness-related topics that affect all Butler students. Conversations cover all dimensions of wellbeing and focus on specific topics, such as social media addiction, decluttering, how to handle burnout, depiction of mental health in horror films, and much more!

The BU|BeWell Podcast can be found on Apple and Spotify podcasts, with new episodes released weekly.

Meet the Hosts

Shannon Mitchel

Shannon Mitchel

Shannon Mitchel is a Theatre and Creative Media & Entertainment double major who is pursuing a minor in German. She joined the BU|BeWell team as a podcast host in January 2020 and is excited to remain on the team until she graduates in the spring of 2022. She is a huge fan of podcasts and was thrilled at the possibility to help create and host one on Butler’s campus. Once she graduates, she hopes to keep producing entertainment projects ranging from podcasts to film.

Ashton Franklin

Ashton Franklin

Ashton is from Canton, Michigan & his major is Strategic Communications. He is involved on campus in the Office of Admissions as the Board Fellow of Aspire House Indy, working to promote multicultural recruitment at Butler. He enjoys the experience of being a host, as it allows him to meet new people and talk to the Butler student community about real world issues. He sees it as an honor to be a part of giving students a platform to speak up and tell their truths. Outside of podcasting, he enjoys music production and photography.

Episodes List

Season 1

  1. Kathryn & Shannon on Their Student Well-Being Experience: AppleSpotify
  2. Evan Krauss & Blue IV on Mascots and Marathons: AppleSpotify
  3. Katie Wood on Wellness in Isolation: AppleSpotify
  4. Natalie Szocs on Staying Fit During Social Distancing: AppleSpotify
  5. Lee Farquhar on Social Media: AppleSpotify
  6. Juliet King on Creativity and Art: AppleSpotify
  7. CASE on Dealing with Stess and Finals: AppleSpotify
  8. CaPS on Navigating Professional Success and Advice for Graduates: AppleSpotify
  9. Josh Coonrod on Mental Health in Horror Films: AppleSpotify

Season 2

  1. A New Host and New Beginnings: AppleSpotify
  2. Dancing on Our Own: AppleSpotify
  3. Money! What Is It?: AppleSpotify
  4. SAD and the Winter Blues: AppleSpotify
  5. Decluttering and Reflection at the End of the Semester: AppleSpotify
  6. Holiday Traditions: AppleSpotify
  7. New Year Resolutions: AppleSpotify
  8. Burnout and Motivation: AppleSpotify
  9. Pet and Group Therapy: AppleSpotify
  10. The Hub for Black Affairs and Community: AppleSpotify
  11. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.: Apple | Spotify
  12. Allyship Pt. I: Apple | Spotify
  13. Allyship Pt. II: Apple | Spotify
  14. Pop Culture and Health Relationship: Apple | Spotify
  15. Feminism and Womxnism: Apple | Spotify
  16. Trendy Foods and Nutrition: Apple | Spotify
  17. Thrifting and Sustainability: Apple | Spotify
  18. Students and Social Media: Apple | Spotify
  19. The Stress of Finals and Moving Out: Apple | Spotify
  20. Reflection at the End of a Challenging Year: Apple | Spotify
Season 3

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