Green Event Program

The Green Event Certification program was created to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices among event organizers and planners at Butler University. By incorporating eco-friendly measures into events, regardless of their size, the Butler Community can contribute to waste reduction, conserve valuable resources, and serve as a champion for sustainability on campus.

Events with a Green Event Certification receive a symbol of recognition from the Office of Sustainability to celebrate your group’s dedication to sustainable event practices and as inspiration for future events on campus and beyond.

How to Host a Green Event

Complete the Green Event Checklist below, aiming for a score of at least 75% when your responses are totaled. You must earn at least 15 points to be considered an event that has a large enough environmental impact. Once the checklist is filled out, email it to the Office of Sustainability at least two weeks before the event. Upon meeting all requirements, you’ll receive a certificate to proudly showcase at your event.