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Rain Garden at Hinkle
Sustainability at Butler

Green Grad program

Green Grad Program

The Green Grad program aims to create student sustainability champions who are dedicated to sustainability at Butler University and who will continue to advocate for sustainability in their lives and future careers. Through participating in sustainability research, education, service learning, and events, students will empower themselves and their community to advocate for a safe, healthy, and equitable future for all.

To fulfill Green Grad requirements, students must complete a minimum of 10 points in sustainable activities at Butler, in the community, or while studying abroad.  Once you complete your sustainability journey and receive a minimum of 10 points, you will sign a Green Graduation Pledge affirming your commitment to sustainability and receive a physical green cord to wear at graduation. The green cord serves as your visible commitment with other graduated to collectively contribute to sustainability in your lives, future workplace, and community.

Become a Green Grad

Interested students fill out a Green Grad intent to participate form. Once received, you will recieve an email from Green Grad staff notifying you of your acceptance into the program. 


  • All majors are encouraged to apply!
  • 10 points are required to receive a green cord for graduation
  • You may use classes taken prior to enrolling in the Green Grad program to count towards your total points
  • Internships are a minimum of 126 hours per semester
  • You can do internships and/or volunteer with a sustainability-related organization both within and outside of Indianapolis over the summer
  • You must fill out the Green Grad points form and include the required documentation every semester to provide details on your sustainability experience and receive points

Tracking Points

You are responsible for completing the Green Grad points form at the end of each semester to update any points you earned. Green Grad staff will track your progress throughout the program. Once you have earned at least 10 points, you will sign a Green Graduation Pledge stating your commitment to sustainability in your future endeavors. At this time, you will also receive a physical green cord to wear at graduation.

1 Point Required Documentation
Volunteer with a sustainability related organization on campus or in the community. 10 hours per point, you can earn up to 5 points in this area volunteer form and 1-page reflection*
Attend a sustainability related on-campus or community event Name the event and date in a 1-page reflection*
Take a 3-credit hour sustainability-related course and receive a minimum B digital transcript
Join a sustainability-related club and assist in the planning and/or development of an event, initiative, or program 1-page reflection* on your participation in the club and the event, initiative, or program you helped develop
3 Points Required Documentation
Take a 3-credit hour sustainability-focused course and receive a minimum B digital transcript
Complete a semester-long work-study/internship with a sustainability organization on campus or in the community, including study abroad experiences for one semester. You can earn up to 6 points in this area 1-page reflection* of internship including the name of the host organization

Serve in a leadership role or as a board member in a sustainability-related organization/club on campus and assist in the planning and/or development of an event, initiative, or program

1-page reflection* on your participation in the club and the event, initiative, or program you helped develop

Conduct research about sustainability while studying abroad and submit a reflection on your findings and experience.

We encourage you to develop a research project that interests you. Projects should include site visits and/or interviews to learn about how that country/city incorporates sustainability into their way of being. You can deep dive into research in one area, energy, and visit a solar farm or research an overview of multiple sustainability initiatives for a wider look at how that place advocates for the environment and equity.

Compilation of research in report or infographic, blogs, photos, etc. and 1-page reflection*. If you write a report, you do not need to write a reflection.

5 Points Required Documentation
STS Minor digital transcript
ENV Minor digital transcript
ALFS Minor digital transcript
Apply and receive a grant from the FEAST Fund or Green Council and implement an initiative Grant proposal and 1-page reflection* on initiative implementation
7 Points Required Documentation
STS Major digital transcript
ENV Major digital transcript

*When reflecting on your experience consider:

  • how was organization/event/project connected to sustainability?
  • what did I learn and/or do?
  • what do I still want to know?
  • how does this connect to my passions?
  • how can I empower myself and/or others to create change around this issue?
  • how could I incorporate this knowledge/way of being into my life and future career?

Questions about the Green Grad program? Email Jamie Valentine, Assistant Director of the CUES, at