Butler University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

In practice, sustainable policies and procedures make business sense as they are often rewarding long term investments. In the built environment, incorporating sustainability provides more efficient heating and cooling systems, less energy use and smaller utility bills, and a healthier working environment. In human systems, it is celebrating diversity, providing resources to support our communities, and contributing to a thriving academic environment. In many ways, sustainability is not only the ethically right approach, but it is also beneficial to efficiency, cost effectiveness, and human well-being. The Butler University Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (BUSCA) serves as the roadmap that unifies across disciplines in the campus community to create holistic, sustainable change.

BUSCA Overarching Goals

  • Operationalize BUSCA to achieve STARS Silver Certification upon re-application at end of calendar year 2021
  • Increase the accessibility of sustainability for Butler community
  • Empower and mobilize sustainability advocates across all areas of campus through a cohesive, outcomes-driven plan

Carbon Commitment

Butler is a signatory of the Second Nature President’s Carbon Commitment by President Danko in 2012. This commitment states that Butler will reduce its emission of GHG by 15% in 2020, 45% by 2030, and 100% by 2050 from 2011 baseline levels. This important statement toward carbon neutrality highlights Butler’s commitment to minimizing climate change for the local and global community.