Regulation on Use of Sound Amplification Devices

The University has an obligation to itself and to the community surrounding the campus to provide an environment conducive to the normal functioning of both. The right to express oneself is limited by its effect on other people. All members of the Butler community, as well as outside groups that use our facilities, must accept this responsibility.

This regulation is not intended to limit the use of sound amplification devices as part of University-sponsored and scheduled activities, nor does it restrict individuals or groups simply because an activity is likely to create sounds that go beyond the immediate area of origin. At the same time, however, the indiscriminate and unregulated use of sound amplification devices in the buildings and on the campus and grounds of Butler University is detrimental to and seriously disrupts and impedes the University in accomplishing its functions, mission and obligations as an educational institution.

  1. “Sound amplification devices” as used in this regulation mean any electrically operated or assisted device for amplifying sound including, but not limited to, public address systems, bullhorns, music or voice amplifiers, megaphones or any combination thereof.
  2. The use of sound amplification devices in buildings, on the campus or any site of the University, whether owned by the University or under its control, is prohibited unless approval is first obtained from the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. Amplification devices used for the purpose of classroom teaching are exempted from this regulation.
  3. The use of sound amplification devices will be limited from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM to comply with the city’s noise ordinance. Approval for the use of sound amplification may be granted when the time, location, manner, and extent of amplification will not:
    (a) Unreasonably interfere with the academic pursuits or business activities of students, faculty, employees, and guests of the University; and
    (b) Unreasonably interfere with residents living in the Butler-Tarkington community.
    (c) Any exception to this regulation must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Violation of this regulation will be subject to appropriate action by the University.