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Sociology & Criminology

Butler’s Sociology & Criminology Department offers an undergraduate degree in Sociology in which students gain an understanding of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of social behavior through the examination of basic human interactions and relationships. 

Through exploring one of three central themes—community, social diversity, and global awareness—students will acquire the critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills to question and ultimately understand a wide range of cultural and social issues, the first step in one’s ability to instigate positive change. 

An undergraduate degree in Criminology emphasizes both the fundamentals of the discipline and the practical experience that can be learned only from hands-on exercises in a flourishing metropolis. 

Functioning as the students’ own urban laboratory, the city of Indianapolis serves as the backdrop to a rich, multidisciplinary education in the small, liberal arts environment for which our school is known. 

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