Sociology & Criminology Departmental Honors

Departmental distinctions are to reward students for exceptional achievement within their major and are awarded at graduation. A student need not be a member of the University Honors Program in order to be awarded departmental distinctions in their major.

Distinctions within the Sociology & Criminology Department

  • Distinction: is awarded to a nominee who has a GPA of at least 3.6 in the academic major.
  • High Distinction: 3.7+ GPA in our department and either successfully complete an honors/comprehensive exam or an honors thesis in our department.
  • Highest Distinction: 3.8+ GPA in our department and successfully complete both an honors/comprehensive exam and an honors thesis in our department.

Honors Exam

  • ​Taking the exam could allow you to increase your level of distinction—an honor that will be recognized through a certificate at graduation, and that will also be denoted on your transcript.
  • ​Our honors exam consists of three hand-written essay questions—one on social theory, one on research methods, and one on your substantive focus within the department (Sociology, Criminology, or Social Work).  You would have 2.5 hours to complete the exam.  Notes or other study materials are prohibited during that period.  The exam is graded as pass/fail.