Virtual Registration

An important milestone in the new student journey.

During Virtual Registration, you’ll have an appointment with your academic advisor, schedule your first semester of classes, and learn more about your academic college. Your advising appointment will be held with the College of your primary major. In addition to the advising appointment, you will be asked to complete an online Virtual Registration course in Canvas.


The Virtual Registration process will open on April 1, 2022. Virtual Registration appointments for incoming fall 2022 students will be offered mid-April–June 2022, and are conducted virtually by phone or Zoom.

Placement exams

Completing placement exams is a required task for Virtual Registration and for enrollment. Students will receive access to their required exams after paying the $500 enrollment deposit. Results are for placement purposes only, and our academic advisors will share them with students during the academic advising appointment when discussing appropriate courses to fit the student’s academic plan.

Students who finish the required placement exams by April 1, 2022 will be included in the first group to move through the Virtual Registration process. In general, we recommend completing placement exams within two weeks of gaining access to ensure an efficient advising process.

Pay Your Enrollment Deposit

Students who submit the $500 enrollment deposit and have completed all required placement exams will have access to the Virtual Registration process beginning April 2022.

What to Expect

“It truly made me feel more prepared for college and also made me feel much more confident about the entire transition.”

“My advisor was really nice and I didn’t feel stressed when picking out courses. She seemed really knowledgeable, and I hope to see her on campus!”