First-Year Seminar Course Catalog

Our First-Year Seminars span many topics. To help guide in your exploration, we’ve categorized FYS courses into interest sets.

Some FYS courses fulfill Indianapolis Community Requirement or Social Justice and Diversity credit requirements. There are also specific FYS courses available for those students accepted into the Honors Program—it is a requirement for students in the Honors Program to complete an Honors-specific FYS course.

Indianapolis Community Requirement

Within each category, you will see the seminars which can fulfill your Indianapolis Community Requirements (ICR). ICR is a part of Butler’s Core Curriculum. In your ICR, you will spend twenty hours outside the conventional classroom. It might be in a school, a business, a non-government agency, a charity, a think-tank, or somewhere else. You can fulfill this requirement at any point in your student-career, but many students have found that beginning a practice of making a contribution outside the Butler campus has boosted their mental health and eased their transition to college.