The Registration Shopping Cart

From the time the class schedule is released for a new semester, until the time that a student’s enrollment window opens, he/she can use the Shopping Cart feature to help plan a schedule. By using the Shopping Cart, a student can learn of course conflicts, determine unmet prerequisites, and verify if a particular section is open.

Using the Shopping Cart gives a student time to plan and adjust his/her schedule in advance of the enrollment window. Using the Shopping Cart does NOT reserve a seat in the course for a student.

Please keep in mind, a student is not required to utilize the Shopping Cart. For more assistance with the Shopping Cart, visit Registration and Records, JH180, on the first floor of Jordan Hall, or visit

Where to Find the Shopping Cart

  • Go to My.Butler
  • Click Self-Service
  • Click Student Center
  • Below the current schedule, click Enrollment Shopping Cart
  • Click the radio button for appropriate semester and then click Continue.

To use the Shopping Cart

  • If the four-digit course number for the class to be added is known, then enter the number. If the four-digit course for the class is unknown, then utilize the course search feature and select the section desired. Repeat the process for all the courses that are to be added.
  • Once your class selection is complete, you must “validate” the selections to ensure that the course is open, that pre-requisites have been met, and that no scheduling conflicts exist. To validate courses, click the Select button at the start of the row for every course on the list. Then click Validate Selections. A green check-mark indicates that a student is eligible to enroll in the course; a red “x” means there is a problem and the student is unable to enroll in the course.
  • A student can validate his/her Shopping Cart as frequently as desired. This should be done more frequently as the student’s enrollment window approaches. As classes close, the student will need to adjust his/her Shopping Cart and possibly request permission numbers from the appropriate department.

Enrolling with the Shopping Cart

When the enrollment window opens, the student will be able to register for the available courses in his/her Shopping Cart. To do so, select each course and click Add Selected. To add closed courses, utilizing a permission number, exit the Shopping Cart function and use the Enrollment Request function.

Please Note: After a student’s enrollment window has opened, the Shopping Cart is not needed to make further changes to the schedule. Instead, use the Enrollment Request function to add, drop or swap courses.