Policy on Religious Holidays

Butler University respects all students’ right to religious observance and will reasonably accommodate students’ religious practice with regard to class attendance, examinations, and assignments when requests are made in a timely manner. Butler University recommends that each class should have a syllabus that provides a schedule of activities for the class. It is the student’s responsibility to inform instructors of course conflicts resulting from religious observations at least two weeks in advance of the observance, so that accommodations can be made. Requests must be made in writing, and the student should include a proposed alternative due date, examination date, or make-up outline. The professor should review the request and if the student’s proposed suggestion is acceptable, he or she should notify the student of the agreement. Any solution that is mutually agreeable to both student and faculty member is acceptable. If accommodations cannot be agreed upon, the instructor and students should seek the advice of the Associate Dean in the appropriate College. No adverse or prejudicial effects will result to students because they have made use of these provisions.

Approved by Faculty Senate, 11/06/12