Enrollment Permission

What is a Permission?

A permission is a special key that allows you to bypass a problem that is blocking your enrollment in a particular course. You may need a permission if:

  • Enrollment in a class is by permission only
  • You have not satisfied a prerequisite
  • The class has already reached its enrollment limit

Many units assign permission for you to enroll on My.Butler by entering your name in an approved list. Once your name is on the list, just enroll in the class as you would any other, and the system will know you have been given permission.

How Do I Get Permission?

Enrollment permission is managed by instructional departments or the colleges. Check below for who to call for the subject you want to take.

If you were assigned permission to take a course and you are unable to enroll in the course, return to the issuer and see if the correct course and semester were used. If the issuer cannot resolve the problem, call Registration and Records at (317) 940-9203.

Who Do I See for Permission?

Core Curriculum

  • AR—Caps on AR courses cannot be raised above the limits set in My.Butler. For more information or assistance, please contact the core office at core@butler.edu.
  • FYS—Contact the Core office – core@butler.edu
  • GHS—Contact the Core office – core@butler.edu
  • NW—Contact the department teaching the class, such as BI, CH, PS, etc.
  • PCA—Contact the department of English for PCA-EN courses, for all other PCA courses contact the Associate Dean of JCA, Wendy Meaden-x9961 or wmeaden@butler.edu.
  • PWB—Mindy Welch-x9550 or mwelch@butler.edu
  • SW—Contact the department teaching the class, such as SO, JR, COB, PO, etc.
  • TI—Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.
  • ICR-Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.
  • SJD – Contact the department teaching the class, such as SO, JR, COB, PO, etc.
  • DC
  • HN—Jason Lantzer-x9302 or jlantzer@butler.edu, Gina Reese-x9480 or gmreese@butler.edu
  • LC—Heather Lee -x6945 or hllee@butler.edu

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Education

  • ED, PE, YCD—Contact the instructor and your advisor, advisor contacts Angela Mager (Lupton).

College of Business

  • LSB401, 402—Rebecca Cesarz Cibor-x6521 or rcesarzc@butler.edu
  • MBA, MIM, MPA, MRI—Ashley O’Riley-x9842 or aosalway@butler.edu
  • MG109—Rebecca Cesarz Cibor-x6521 or rcesarzc@butler.edu
  • AC, COB, EC, EI, FN, IB, LE, MG, MK, MS, RM—Submit an email request to your advisor who will forward your request.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Jordan College of the Arts

College of Communication

Contact Registration and Records to request changes: 317-940-9203 or Registrar@butler.edu.