The tuition for the PA Program Class of 2023 for both the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years is $47,050/year. The total tuition for both years will be $94,100. This amount is divided into six payments based on the trimesters and is independent of credit hours. Billed Summer 20% ($9,410), Fall 40% ($18,820), and Spring 40% ($18,820).

The tuition for the PA Program Class of 2024 for both the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years is $47,900/year. The total tuition for both years will be $95,800. This amount is divided into six payments based on the trimesters and is independent of credit hours. Billed Summer 20% ($9,580), Fall 40% ($19,160), and Spring 40% ($19,160).

Full cost of attendance budgets may be found on the Office of Financial Aid Website.

For financial aid purposes, federal regulations establish the maximum time frame for completion of the Program, please see the financial aid website for information.

On notification of acceptance to the MPAS Program, prospective PA students are required to pay a non-refundable program deposit of $1,000. For those who matriculate, the program deposit is applied to the cost of tuition.

  • Criminal background check: $55
    • Each student is required to submit a nonrefundable fee for a criminal background check during orientation and prior to rotations.
  • Drug screen: $37
    • Prior to clinical rotations and again as needed per clinical site requirements.
  • CastleBranch Tracker Service: $35
    • One-time fee prior to matriculation
  • Physical Exam to enter into Program: estimated $150
    • If completed at Butler University Health Services will be billed to the student’s insurance
  • Medical Clearance Form processing fee (Health Services): estimated $30
  • CPR/ BLS certification costs $30
  • Antibody Titers Only (Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella): $150
  • Annual Quantiferon Gold Plus (for TB) Only: $70
  • Combined Titer/Quantiferon Gold Plus: $190
    • Required re-vaccination are at the student’s expense and billed to the student’s insurance.
  • Technology fee: $350 (pertains to PA Program class of 2022 only)
  • Laptop: $500-700
  • Medical equipment: estimated $1,000
  • Procedures Lab Fees: $75
  • Textbooks: $600.00/semester didactic; estimated $50-100 per rotation specialty
  • Scrubs and professional clothes: estimated $100-400
  • Students must be prepared to cover all transportation and living expenses while enrolled.
    • Room and Board: estimated $15,000 / year
    • Travel: estimated with the following assumptions: average round trip is 40 miles and a car that averages 23 miles to the gallon at $2.50 gas / gallon = $765 per year for gas
    • Parking while on rotation: $20-40 per month
    • On campus car registration didactic year: estimated $185
    • On campus parking while on rotations: $35 for a parking garage permit and 30 validation tickets
    • Air travel if participating in distant rotations (if applicable):* $200-600 per airplane ticket
    • International Rotation – Insurance, Fees, etc. (if applicable): $250 plus cost of experience and travel

* A review of the student’s financial aid packet can be done to increase a student’s transportation budget amount based on the location of the rotations. Students interested in a review should email the Office of Financial Aid the location of the rotation and mileage from Butler University to rotation site. Please submit summer rotation information by April 15 of the didactic year and before application for any additional loans to ensure that the increased amount is included.

All tuition and special course fee refunds are based on the date of official drop, withdrawal, or disenrollment as per Butler University policy. Please see the Butler University Office of Student Accounts.

Butler University does not offer scholarships at the graduate level. However, there are a number of scholarships available to PA students at both the national and state level. An external source compiles a summary of potential scholarship opportunities.
Note: these scholarships have not been vetted and you should never pay anything to apply or provide financial information such as your bank account information when applying for a scholarship.

Please contact the Butler University Office of Financial Aid at 317-940-8200 or 877-940-8200. Be sure to specify that your questions are concerning the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences PA Program. You may also wish to visit the Financial Aid Website.