PA Clinical Phase

The second phase of the of the PA Program’s curriculum is the clinical year. This phase consists of 53 credit hours in a trimester format. There are seven core specialty areas and one elective. The seven core clinical rotations include the following:

  • Community Mental Health
  • Emergency Medicine*
  • Family Medicine*
  • Surgery
  • Internal Medicine*
  • Pediatrics
  • Women’s Health

* Contains two rotations (total of 8 weeks).

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in clinical experiences with other healthcare professionals over the course of their clinical year.  This exposure to interprofessional education will allow students to learn from, with, and about other members of the healthcare team.


Students will be assigned rotations in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. All attempts are made to be within two hours of campus.

The program has a number of affiliation agreements with preceptors and sites across the United States.  Students who are in good standing are eligible to complete distant rotations. Students may alternatively locate a distant rotation site of their choice. The Program will assess the educational appropriateness of the site and  attempt to secure all necessary paperwork.

For detailed information about becoming a preceptor please visit PA Preceptor Information.

Experiential Curriculum

Below is the sample schedule of the formal curriculum for the clinical year. The timing of the rotations will be different for each student; however, all students will complete all items prior to graduation.

Summer (Clinical)

Community Mental Health Rotation4 credit hours
Core Content I1 credit hours
Emergency Medicine Rotation 14 credit hours
Internal Medicine Rotation 14 credit hours
Total Credit Hours13 credit hours

Fall (Clinical)

Core Content II2 credit hours
Family Medicine Rotation 14 credit hours
Issues of Professional Practice2 credit hours
Internal Medicine Rotation 24 credit hours
Pediatric Rotation4 credit hours
Women’s Health Rotation4 credit hours
Total Credit Hours20 credit hours

Spring (Clinical)

Core Topics 32 credit hours
Elective Rotation4 credit hours
Emergency Medicine Rotation 24 credit hours
Family Medicine Rotation 24 credit hours
Surgery Rotation4 credit hours
Interprofessional Experience1 credit hour
Summative Practicum1 credit hour
Total Credit Hours20 credit hours