Admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program

The Pharmacy Admissions Committee is responsible for all admissions policies and decisions related to the Butler Doctor of Pharmacy Program and adheres to all University and College policy statements related to non-discrimination.

To enter the professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum, students must complete all pre-requisite coursework with a C- or better, typically during two pre-professional years, and then progresses to the four professional years of study. All applicants for the professional pharmacy program must apply through PharmCAS.

Current Butler students can be admitted to the Professional Pharmacy Program by either the Direct or Standard Pathways.  External transfer students who are applying directly into the first professional year (P1) can be admitted by the Priority Admission or Standard Pathways.

Students with a previous bachelor’s degree or higher are also eligible for the Online Doctor of Pharmacy Pathway.

For questions regarding first-year admission, please contact:

Beth Goodman
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences