A Day in the Life of a Butler Dance Student


Sample female dancer (Monday)

Time Activity
8:00–8:50 AM Music History or Masterworks of Dance
9:00–9:50 AM Core Curriculum Class
10:00–10:50 AM Core Curriculum Class
11:00 AM–12:15 PM Jazz
1:00–1:50 PM Core Curriculum Class
2:00–3:30 PM  Ballet Technique
3:40–4:30 PM Pointe
4:45–5:30 PM   Butler Ballet Rehearsal

Sample male dancer (Tuesday)

Time Activity
8:00–8:50 AM Keyboard or Core Curriculum Class
9:00–9:50 AM Keyboard or Core Curriculum Class
10:00–10:50 AM Body Placement
11:00 AM–12:30 PM Modern Technique
1:00–2:30 PM Ballet Technique
2:40–3:40 PM Men’s Allegro Technique
3:45–6:00 PM Butler Ballet Rehearsal

Regular classes and rehearsals end at 6:00 PM, except during production weeks. There are a few evening dance-related courses, such as Costuming and Introduction to Acting. Other academic classes, such as Dance History, Theory and Philosophy of Dance and Teaching Analysis, are added based on the year of study.

Each student typically has 6 classes each day (2–3 academic classes and 3–4 dance classes). Ballet class meets every day and pointe and men’s allegro class meets twice per week. Modern and Jazz also meet 2–3 times per week. Other classes, such as Character or Laban Movement Analysis, will alternate days with classes like Body Placement or Choreography.

Perspectives from Recent Graduates

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance—class of 2019

“I love being a performance major at Butler for so many reasons. We get the opportunity to perform two full-length ballets, with live orchestra, every year. Clowes Memorial Hall and the Schrott Center for the Arts are the two state-of-the-art theaters ButlerBallet uses to perform. The costumes and sets take the productions to the next level. In my time at Butler, I have constantly been challenged with new ideas, and pushed to be my absolute best. While at Butler, I have seen improvements in myself both on and off the stage. From Laban Movement Analysis to Dance History, the professors never cease to inform and inspire me. The commitment of the faculty to helping us achieve our potential is met with an expectation that we commit ourselves fully to each combination and performance we do at Butler. This conservatory type program inside a liberal arts school provides the best of both worlds; a top tier dance program alongside an equally well regarded college education.”

Bachelor of Arts in Dance (Pedagogy)—class of 2020

“In my time at Butler University I have found pursuing a BA in Dance Pedagogy to be everything I wanted and more. Not only am I being taught technique classes by a faculty from the world’s top-tier companies but I am also challenged in education classes that will give me the skills I need to be an effective teacher. Aside from my academics, Butler has given me the opportunity to hold two on-campus jobs, serve on Student Government Association, and hold a position as Marketing Chair of my fraternity. Studying dance at Butler has opened up numerous doors for my future. I am confident that I will be well prepared for a great career as a performer and educator.”

Bachelor of Science in Dance (Arts Administration)—Class of 2019

“Butler University has given me exclusive opportunities throughout my college career. The Dance-Arts Administration program enables me to not only continue my education of dance and movement, but also learn the inner-workings of the business side surrounding the dance world.

With additional courses in Strategic Communications, Economics, and Accounting, you learn the basic tools to run a business, but that is just a small factor; you also get to take Arts Administration courses that let you learn all about the world of nonprofit organizations. In one course, you will even create your own nonprofit and learn what it takes to keep it funded and running. Getting hands-on experience with your course material, the Arts Administration department requires its students to complete an internship with a nonprofit organization. Since switching to the Arts Administration track, I have picked up two minors in Marketing and Strategic Communications. I have gained more education than I ever imagined while still doing what I came here to do.

The professors are approachable and very helpful. They push you to excellence, and to reach your full potential and will help if you begin to fall behind. One thing that stands out above all is their willingness to care for their students, a commodity absent at larger universities.

My choice to come to Butler University has been entirely absent of doubts or regret. Coming from a small town in Alabama, there were many concerns and thoughts I had about moving all the way to Indianapolis; but once I got here, it just felt right, it felt like home.”