Strategic Communication Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Abbey Levenshus
Headshot of Abbey Levenshus
Associate Professor – Strategic Communication

Faculty & Staff

Amira Aly
Headshot of Amira Aly
Administrative Specialist
Rose Campbell
Headshot of Rose Campbell
Professor – Strategic Communication

Katherine Coble
Headshot of Katherine Coble
Adjunct – Communication & Media Studies

Robert Norris
Headshot of Robert Norris
Lecturer – Strategic Communication

Armando Pellerano
Headshot of Armando Pellerano
Lecturer – Strategic Communication

Sally Perkins
Headshot of Sally Perkins

Mark Rademacher
Headshot of Mark Rademacher

Robert Schultz
Headshot of Robert Schultz

Amanda Stevenson-Holmes
Headshot of Amanda Stevenson-Holmes
Instructor – Strategic Communication

Xiaowen Xu
Headshot of Xiaowen Xu
Assistant Professor – Strategic Communication

Faculty Affiliates