Critical Communication & Media Studies

CCM students understand and value critical inquiry, social justice, and diversity. Do you ever wonder why your leaders and your media don’t look more like your own community? Do you question images and ideas related to race, class, gender, and sexuality? This humanities-based program may be just the place for you—an exciting and dynamic place to examine popular culture’s influence on ourselves—as well as society.

Intellectual engagement, in and out of the classroom, inspires Critical Communication and Media Studies (CCM) students to become contributing scholars, practitioners, and citizens who study and work in multiple forms of communication. CCM students learn from and research side-by-side with exceptional faculty. Students and faculty alike are inspired to explore how critical strategic thinking and writing influences and can contribute to the construction of both personal and public identities.

We are dedicated to making a difference. Whether working with a social justice or media activist organization, as the youngest Mayor of a growing Indiana city, or continuing your education in graduate school—CCM students develop the critical thinking skills and compelling arguments that provoke meaningful change and have a powerful impact.

CCM students are prepared for a wide range of careers and opportunities instead of being narrowly trained for a single career path. At the heart of CCM is options and individualization. Whether your interests lie in blogging, politics, film, social media, social justice issues, or the pursuit of a post-graduate degree—you’ll have a critical thinking skill set that is flexible and transferable for decades to come. Better yet—as a CCM student, you’ll have the option to pursue the degree in just three years—giving you a jump start on your career or post-graduate studies.

We are committed to contributing to our local communities and to our increasingly globalized world. From working right here on campus with the Center for Faith and Vocation to traveling the globe to learn other languages and cultures, CCM students believe in contributing their skills to make all of our communities stronger. Hands-on experience learning about social movements and communicative strategies used in social justice struggles extends from the classroom to the world. See how Natalie van Dongen ’18 is working to make a difference in the local Indianapolis community.

Our students experience exciting internships such as writing for a digital travel magazine while living in Africa, writing for the Indiana Rainbow Alliance, and working in social media for a non-profit in California.

CCM faculty are accomplished scholars leading and publishing in top critical communication academic outlets. Unlike a large research school, you have direct access to the CCM faculty.  You are invited to work with your faculty on research and creative projects. Your faculty are there to assist you in your research and creative endeavors, in applying to graduate schools and professional schools, and with help with your resume and job prospects.