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Center for Citizenship and Community
Center for Citizenship and Community

Partnership with Faculty

Partnership with Faculty

The CCC can help imagine, design and implement civic engagement experiences related to research, teaching, or service. 

We consult about how community engagement can help achieve learning goals, help identify an appropriate partner site wherein to stage service-learning or research, assist with assignments and course assessment strategies, and support teaching, research, and scholarship through collaboration and funding.

ICR Course Development Resources

Faculty interest and engagement has been essential to the success of the students in the ICR program. Inspired faculty help students understand that community engagement is more than just a requirement and can enrich their learning within and beyond the classroom.

To propose a class submit the ICR Course Proposal to the Center for Citizenship and Community in Jordan Hall room 109C, or to Donald Braid at If this is a new course or a new CORE course, please additionally submit the relevant course proposal to the University Curriculum Committee or the Core Curriculum Committee for approval. 

ICR Faculty Fellows Program

In order to provide support for developing and sustaining the Indianapolis Community Requirement program, the CCC has established an ICR Faculty Fellows Program. All full-time faculty are eligible to apply, but fellowship applicatns should be active practitioners of civic engagement and have significant experience with service-learning and/or civic-engagement. Preferably, applicants should be currently teaching one or more courses approved under the university rubric for ICR.  The Fellowship amount is $1,500.  Half the fellowship amount will be paid at the start of the fellowship period. The final payment will e made following the completion of fellowship activities and submission of the portfolio.  

Please read and download the application if interested: 

Microsoft Office document iconICR Faculty Fellows Application

In addition, the CCC welcomes interested faculty to serve on the ICR Advisory Committee.  If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Donald Braid at or 317-940-8353

ICR Course Documents

ICR Course Funding Resources

$500 in course development funds

The Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC) can offer development funds to faculty for

  • New Indianapolis Community Requirement (ICR)/Service-Learning (SL) course proposals
  • Course proposals where a new ICR/SL component is added to an existing course.

Faculty are eligible to receive course development funds once the course has been approved and the course has been scheduled to be taught. Faculty may apply for these stipends by submitting a copy of the relevant documents to Donald Braid at

Up to $ 200 in ICR and Service-Learning Course Mini-Grants

The Center for Citizenship and Community has a limited number of small grants of up to $200 for:

  • Costs connected to the integration of a service-learning component into a new or existing course
  • For courses that have been approved under Butler's ICR rubric

If the course has not yet been approved, submit the ICR Course Proposal form along with the Application for Course Funds. Please use this Application to request course funds.

$3,000 Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) Service Engagement Grants

The ICC offers these grants to:

  • Support faculty in developing service-learning courses
  • The grant total includes a $750 institutional cash match. The CCC can work with faculty to identify suitable match funds for proposals

There are several deadlines each year: one in the fall for spring semester and one in the spring for the following academic year. The CCC is happy to consult with faculty in preparing ICC grant proposals.

Find us on the Butler campus in Jordan Hall room 109C, or contact our office at 317-940-8353