Facilities Service Request Center

Campus Maintenance Work Orders

A work order must be submitted for any campus issue that arises and will be prioritized using the guide below. These issues include all general maintenance items that are related to the physical plant, building, infrastructure, or campus grounds. Providing a detailed request, your contact information, and location on the work order is of utmost importance to resolving the issue effectively and efficiently.

Please contact 317-940-9393 once you have submitted a work order to schedule an on-site visit for an Emergency or Urgent request (see priority information below). Emergency and urgent work requests will always be prioritzed over Routine requests, which will be handled in order of submission and as staffing allows. Our staff will coordinate scheduling appointments with technicians by using an Outlook meeting request. If you require the appointment to be rescheduled please call our office at 317-940-9393 as soon as possible.

For information regarding the procedures for entering and exiting a room including enhanced cleaning, please see the Facilities FAQ page.

Priority Information

Service requests are assigned a priority based on the following guidelines during regular business hours.

  • Priority 1: Emergency. Tended to immediately, e.g., major leak or utility interruption (Please call 317-940-9393)
  • Priority 2: Urgent. Typically completed within 24 hours, e.g., critical light out, minor plumbing issue (leak), etc.
  • Priority 3: Routine Repair. Scheduled on availability of personnel, e.g., towel bar missing/broken, light bulb out, outlet not working, temperature adjustment, general repair, etc.
  • Priority 4: Routine Request (chargeback). Scheduled on the availability of personnel, e.g., picture hanging, data jack activation, painting touch ups, minor ceiling repair, etc.

For further information regarding the prioritization of work orders, please see the Facilities FAQ page.

Billable Services

Anything outside of standard maintenance is a billable service and a service code must be provided in order for service requests to be processed.

Make a Request

To make a request for a renovation, interior design or construction project, please email opsadmin@butler.edu. If you have other questions, feel free to contact Facilities at 940-9393.

Request Services