Emergency work orders address an immediate threat to the health or safety of Butler community members or property, including fire safety. The response times are less than an hour for our regular business hours (M-F, 7a-3:30p for technicians, the office is open from 7a-4:30p) and after business hours you can expect a call back in less than an hour with a tech enroute to your location. For any extended outage, we will continue to update these hourly until the issue is resolved, and any campus wide issue will be posted on Butler Hub. Any emergency should be immediately reported to our office at 317-940-9393 during M-F 7a-4:30p or to BUPD at 317-940-9396 after hours.

Examples of Emergency Work Orders:

  • Fire or Smoke only after BUPD has responded and are on scene
  • Water leak / Flood
  • Loss of building power
  • Total stoppage of plumbing drain system
  • Frozen Pipe
  • Overflowing Toilet/not able to flush
  • Overflowing Sink
  • Natural Gas Smell
  • University Data Network Campus wide / Building outage after IT diagnosis
  • Roof or Water leaks that CANNOT be contained
  • Exterior door cannot be secured
  • Recore of resident room for lost key

An urgent work order will address a comfort issue for the client. This inlcudes an issue that could impact other areas, or create further damage if not addressed quickly. The response time for an urgent work order is 1-2 hours during business hours (M-F, 7a-3:30p) and after hours as soon as possible the following business day. Any urgent work order should be submitted during M-F 7a-4:30p or to BUPD at 317-940-9396 after hours.

Examples of Urgent Work Orders

  • Refrigerator / Freezer not working properly
  • A/C not working properly
  • Loss of power in office outlets or lighting
  • Clogged Toilet (not overflowing)
  • Clogged Sink (not overflowing)
  • Stove not working
  • Hot water not warm enough
  • Garbage disposal not working (food/blockage in disposal not allowing water to drain)
  • Unusual loud noises coming from the mechanical room
  • No Hot Water
  • No Water
  • No Heat during cold weather
  • Existing data connection not working IT can also look at for diagnosis
  • Water infiltration
  • ADA issues in buildings
  • Mold in room (depending on scope of area)
  • Broken Glass
  • Door latch now working properly
  • Snow/Ice salting
  • Fallen trees that are not impeding the right of way
  • Roof or water leaks that can be contained

A routine work order is a normal request or issue and will be addressed in the order of receipt according to workload and impact. The first response to a routine issue is within 2-10 business days depending on workload, staff, and overall impact to business continuity. The completion of the work or a status update will be provided to the client within 14 days.

Examples of urgent work orders:

  • Dripping faucet, sink, shower, or tub
  • Slow draining sink
  • Slow draining shower or tub
  • Low water pressure
  • Light Bulb out (other light bulbs still working)
  • One power outlet not working (working outlet close by)
  • Dishwasher not working (not causing water damage)
  • Garbage Disposal not working (not causing water damage or blockage)
  • Microwave not working
  • Ice maker not working
  • Data outlet not working
  • Pictures/Signage hung on wall
  • Painting of walls
  • New key request

Please schedule a minimum of 72 hours prior to the event to allow schedule staffing adjustments.

A scheduled work order includes:

  • Event setup for University approved event (If dedicated staff is needed for weekend/off hours event and a two week notice is required for staff scheduling)
  • A scheduled reboot of campus system or installation of campus system
  • A scheduled technician for event coverage
  • Preventative salting for a scheduled event
  • Preventative fogging for a scheduled event

Visit the Request Center for information on reporting maintenance issues. If there is an emergency, please call 317-940-9393 during business hours or BUPD for after hours emergencies at 317-940-9396.

Carpet replacement and wall painting are both available at a charge. Visit the Request Center to request a quote.

Visit the Request Center and enter a service request.

Hanging flyers on billboards is not handled through Facilities, but must be approved through the SIL office.

The campus lost and found is at BUPD.

Yes, there will be a cost billed to your department account. Visit the Request Center and submit a service request to have someone contact you and put together an estimate.

Butler utilizes a single stream recycle program which allows mixed recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum beverage containers) to be collected together and then sorted by the campus refuse hauler.

Visit the Request Center for instructions on checking the status of a service request.

Yes. There are two cardboard compactors on campus. One is at the Facilities Service Center and one is at the Atherton Union dock.