Building Information

The following list is of all properties owned and operated by Butler University, with the exception of Fairview and Irvington Houses which are operated by American Campus Communities.

*All buildings are in Indianapolis, IN 46208.

Building Code Facility Name Address Main Phone #
AV Apartment Village 5004 N. Boulevard Place 317-940-6024
AU Atherton Union 704 W. Hampton Dr.
AA Athletic Annex 555 W. 52nd. St.
PD BUPD Headquarters 525 W. Hampton Dr. 317-940-9396
BT Butler Terrace 4605 Hinesley Avenue
CA Carter House 525 W. Blue Ridge Rd.
CF Center for Faith & Vocation 4615 Sunset Ave.
CH Clowes Memorial Hall 4602 Sunset Ave.
LSB Dugan Hall 625 Butler Way
EC Efroymson Center for Creative Writing 530 W. Hampton Dr.
FC Fairbanks Center 770 W. Hampton Dr.
FVH Fairview House 4550 Sunset Ave. 317-940-8618
GH Gallahue Hall 751 W. 46th St.
GA Garden House 4943 Garden Rd.
HR Health & Recreation Complex 530 W. 49th St.
FH Hinkle Fieldhouse 510 W. 49th St.
HB Holcomb Building 740 W. 46th St.
HO Holcomb Observatory 702 W. Lake Rd.
IS International School 86 200 W. 49th St.
IRV Irvington House 750 W Hampton Drive
IL Irwin Library 4553 Clarendon Rd.
JH Jordan Hall 4600 Sunset Ave.
LH Lilly Hall 4603 Clarendon Rd.
PG Parking Garage 4702 Sunset Avenue
PB Pharmacy Building 4602 Clarendon Rd.
TW Radio Tower Building 5100 N. Lester St.
RC Residential College 630 W. Hampton Dr. 317-940-9851
RB Robertson Hall 4742 Garden Rd.
RH Ross Hall 629 W. Hampton Dr. 317-940-9335
SCC Schrott Center for Performing Arts 610 W. 46th St.
SC Service Center (Facilities) 451 W., 52nd St. 317-940-9393
SCA South Campus Apartments 4251 Haughey Avenue
CC South Campus Counseling Center 1050 W 42nd Street
HH South Campus Hospitality House 1040 W 42nd Street
SCMB South Campus Main Building 1000 W 42nd Street
UT University Terrace 599 W. Westfield Blvd. 317-940-6800