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Scott Nemeth ’13, Political Science

Defense and Foreign Affairs Legislative Assistant, United States Congressman

“I am lucky enough to work for a United States Congressman as a Defense and Foreign Affairs Legislative Assistant. My job entails meeting with high level military and diplomatic officials and preparing legislation and vote recommendations for the Congressman. During my short time on Capitol Hill I have met with hundreds of constituents, industry leaders and elected officials as well as toured many of America’s military installations. In a recent meeting, I thought to myself about how incredible of an experience it is for a 24 year old to be able to work at the U.S. Capitol and how lucky I am to be a part of it. I also thought to myself about how I came to be here and how much Butler University provided me the skills to be successful in such an overwhelming environment.

Butler gave me this incredible opportunity and I am forever grateful. Not a day goes by where I do not use some skill or bit of knowledge that I learned during my four years. In a recent meeting in the Majority Leader of the House’s office I called upon the communication skills I learned during countless Student Government meetings. In preparing the Congressman for an upcoming trip to Iraq, I was able to call upon all that I learned in my political science classes.

Overall, I constantly find myself thinking about how much Butler prepared me for this unique career. It wasn’t just a class or just an extracurricular, it was the whole four year experience and Butler community that prepared me for it.”

Reed Kurtz ’09, Political Science, Spanish, and Philosophy

Doctoral Candidate in Political Science, Ohio State University

Reed Kurtz is a graduate student majoring in International Relations and minoring in Political Theory. He has broad research interests encompassing international environmental politics, global governance, critical theory, and the history of the world system. His main project seeks to elaborate the implications of climate change for thinking about world politics in the context of fossil-fueled capitalist modernity. Previously, Zurtz lived abroad teaching English as a foreign language in China and Chile.

Caleb Hamman ’11, Political Science and Philosophy

Doctoral Candidate in Political Science and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame.

A Notre Dame Presidential Fellow, Hamman is interested in young people as marginalized subjects and as participants in armed conflict and in conflict resolution. His doctoral dissertation is a philosophico-historical investigation of the place of the soldier in Western political life. Caleb was a Fulbright postgraduate scholar in Northern Ireland (2011–12), where he conducted an ethnographic research project examining negotiations of daily life among working-class Catholic young men in Belfast. While at Butler, Hamman conducted fieldwork in the Middle East for an honors thesis in Political Science, which analyzed grassroots peacebuilding activities among Israeli and Palestinian youth.

Graziella Siciliano ’02, Political Science

Graziella Siciliano has been working at the U.S. Department of Energy on the international climate change team since 2013. She coordinates a working group of governments focused on developing energy efficiency policies as part of their climate action strategies.

Lauren Hodge ’12, Political Science and Italian

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