Center for Citizenship & Community

Encouraging lifelong civic engagement.

Individuals who are civically engaged recognize they do not live alone in the world but understand how their decisions and actions affect others.”

The method of the CCC is not charity or volunteerism but civic engagement, which makes teachers and learners of all involved. Our philosophy is rooted in our understanding of civic engagement as a strategy for teaching civic mindedness and citizenship. We approach these practices through fostering critical listening, appreciation of diversity, long-term commitment, and self-reflection.

Our goal is to help students discover new perspectives, explore ways to sustain healthy communities, and fully consider what it means to be local and global citizens. We want students to make informed decisions about their future and not only find jobs but also pursue long-lasting, fulfilling careers.

Advocates for Community Engagement

Students have deepened their learning and developed leadership skills by working as student Advocates for Community Engagement (ACEs) with the Center for Citizenship and Community. ACEs serve as liaisons to community sites, coordinating Butler students and building the capacity of sites to provide service to their respective clients.

The CCC thrives because of the involvement of students, faculty, and the Indianapolis community.