Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) welcomes anyone interested in physics or astronomy. We are a student-run organization whose purpose is to provide a community for like-minded students. The national organization gives us contact with the larger physics community through a network of chapters at more than 650 colleges. If you are interested in physics or astronomy, please join us. You can get information about joining by contacting one of our officers or Dr. Jennifer Poor, chapter advisor, at or 317-940-9222.

We organize both physics-related and social events. Here area few of the activities we’ve sponsored in the past:

  • Movie nights at the planetarium.
  • Building a Tesla coil.
  • Trips to graduate school fairs.
  • Hosting, attending, and presenting research at Zone meetings.
  • Sponsoring speakers to get exposure to areas of research in physics and astronomy.
  • Trips to physics facilities such as Fermilab, Argonne National Lab, and the IU Cyclotron.

Information for Prospective Members

Watch for signs to be posted in and around the Physics Department concerning when we will be having our meetings. Feel free to attend a meeting to see what we’re about before you officially join. Applications for membership can be submitted online or a paper application can be sent in. Copies of the application are in the SPS kiosk in the physics lounge, Gallahue Hall, Room 228. For more information, contact one of the officers or the Physics department, Gallahue Hall, Room 241. The national dues of $24 per year entitles you to the monthly magazine Physics Today and access to the SPS job site among other things.