Philosophy Resources

Philosophy and Religion Databases
This link takes you to the Butler Library’s list of databases and indexes for philosophy and religion. It is available on-campus and can be accessed off-campus by Butler students using their network password. Philosophy students should note particularly the Philosopher’s Index. This index provides references and abstracts from 480 journals from 1940 to the present. It also indexes almost all significant books in philosophy. This is the standard bibliographic tool for professional philosophers and graduate students, but it is also useful to undergraduates.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This is the best online reference available. The entries in the Encyclopedia are regularly updated and are generally written by prominent experts.

Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates
This guide, published by the American Philosophical Association, is useful to new or prospective philosophy majors. It describes the various areas and approaches in philosophy, and answers questions about the value of philosophical education and what philosophy undergraduates do after they graduate.

Ethics Updates
A comprehensive online guide to both theoretical and applied ethics. In addition to traditional philosophical sources, this guide contains links to other materials relevant to applied ethics.

American Philosophical Association
This is the site of the APA, the professional organization for philosophers in America. It contains lots of links, and data about the profession. You can also order amusing t-shirts.

The Philosopher’s Lexicon
The Philosopher’s Lexicon, edited by Dan Dennett, is very funny, at least if you are a professional philosopher. You can judge how much you know about philosophy by seeing how many of the jokes you get.

Monty Python and Analytic Philosophy
This remarkable essay shows how Monty Python sketches illustrate major themes in contemporary analytic philosophy. It’s very funny and surprisingly accurate.