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We recognize the accomplishments and backgrounds of all students. Whether you’ve completed regular high school courses, “dual enrollment” courses during high school, AP/I.B. exams, college courses, or are a native speaker, we will help you find the appropriate Butler course(s) and potentially earn placement credits.

Placement Resources

Questions about your placement?

If at any point you have questions about your placement, please contact the appropriate faculty member or your professor:

Faculty Member Language Contact Information
Dr. Eloise Sureau Department Chair, French
Dr. Xiaoqing Liu Chinese
Dr. Sylvie Vanbaelen French
Dr. Sarah Painitz German
Dr. Irune Gabiola Spanish
Dr. Chris Bungard Classics
Dr. Tonya Bergeson American Sign Language

Please skip Butler’s language placement exam.

Enroll in 101.

Please complete Butler’s online language placement exam. 

First-year students will automatically be given access during their registration experience and prior to meeting with an advisor to create a class schedule.

Returning students can request an exam.

Note #1: Exam results remain valid in my.butler for three semesters. If a result expires before you’re able to begin language studies, please request a new exam 

Note #2: Placement credits are awarded to students starting at the 203 level or above and continuing through at least two 300-level courses in the language.  For more information, please visit Butler Language Placement Credits (BLPC) 

Please skip Butler’s language placement exam.

Please meet ASAP with the coordinating faculty member in the language’s home department.

Note: Being a heritage speaker often means that you were raised in a home or in a country surrounded by a language other than English, and that you do not have the typical academic preparation at your age level for that language.

Please visit Registration & Records for information about external exams and equivalencies.

Students who have completed dual enrollment course work in high school with an accredited higher education institution and plan to continue with that language should enroll in the next sequential course. Those with questions about course equivalency questions should contact Dr. Eloise Sureau at

Course sequencing at Butler:

101 & 102—Beginning Language Sequence

203 & 204—Intermediate Language Sequence

300-320—Advanced Language Skills Courses

Advanced language skill courses are not sequential. Students whose next sequential course will be 300+ are encouraged to enroll in a course that they feel will improve their linguistic and cultural skills.

Students will need to make sure that an official transcript with the language course from the corresponding College/University is sent to Butler University in order to receive credit and to ensure correct sequence placement.

If dual enrollment transfer credits have not been approved prior to the student’s registration appointment, the student will need a permission number to enroll in the next sequential course. Please contact Dr. Eloise Sureau at to obtain a permission number.

Proper placement increases learning and lowers anxiety.

If at any point you have questions about your placement, please contact the appropriate faculty member or your professor.