About the Department

Biological Sciences Core Values

We, the members of the Butler University Department of Biological Sciences, are committed to fostering a community of scientific educators, learners, and scholars in which individuals of all backgrounds and identities are welcomed and supported, the voices of all members are respected and valued, and each individual is empowered to succeed. We promote the process of rigorous inquiry conducted with scientific and personal integrity, while acknowledging our biases, as we seek to understand the fundamental truths of the natural world. In doing so, we recognize the importance of supporting one another as we acquire new knowledge in the classroom, the research lab, and the field.

Through the implementation and practice of these core values, we hope to develop curious, skilled, innovative scientists and thinkers equipped for the unique challenges of the future as engaged and contributing citizens of the world:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Justice
  • Collaboration, Inclusion, & Mentorship
  • Integrity, Humility, & Truth
  • Curiosity, Inquiry, & Innovation

Department of Biological Sciences Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Demonstrate content knowledge and proficiency in using and explaining techniques essential to the study of fundamental areas of biology: genetics, cellular and molecular biology, and ecology and evolutionary biology. 
  2. Properly use and apply scientific literature to ask and answer questions in the biological sciences. 
  3. Design experiments and collect, analyze, and interpret data using graphical and statistical analyses, in order to evaluate hypotheses.
  4. Communicate scientific ideas, concepts, and findings through writing and speaking.
  5. Evaluate the reciprocal ways in which scientific endeavors and inherent structural inequities impact scientific progress, societal practices, and the people who get to contribute to and benefit from science. 
  6. Articulate the historical and current contributions of diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds to the advancement of science and the betterment of society.

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