Biological Sciences Course Offerings

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a curriculum emphasizing broad training in biology as the key to success in graduate school, professional school, teacher education, and technical careers. The major is built upon a strong foundation of general biology courses, followed by electives to meet student interests.

Students studying science should be exposed early and often to the methods of discovery, inquiry, and problem solving used by scientists to explain the natural world. Faculty are familiar with these methods as we apply them in our individual research programs, and we strive to develop such capabilities in our students. Therefore, we give our students opportunities to actively use the tools of scientific investigation in the lab and the field through a variety of courses at the molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels of biological organization.

NOTE: The information found on this website with respect to major/minor/program requirements is primarily directed at providing prospective students a general roadmap of the curriculum. Current Butler students are expected to review their degree audit report at and speak with their advisor regularly for detailed information regarding their specific degree requirements and their progress toward degree completion.