Butler University Student Foundation

Members of the Butler University Student Foundation are campus leaders who with students and alumni, and the University in order to inspire the sharing of time, talent, and treasure to advance Butler University through philanthropic opportunities while fostering strong connections.

What are Our Values? 

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism

Meet the Exec Team:

President: Emily Shoemaker ’22
Executive Assistant: Kendall Jordan ’22
Directors of Membership Development: Amelia Ball ’23 and Mason Gaerte ’23
Director of Outreach: Emma Binder ’23
Director of Alumni Relations (Dinner with 10 Bulldogs): Lauryn Lintner ’23 and Samantha McDonald ’23
Directors of Alumni Relations (Events): Meg Butler ’23 and Kate Fulton ’22
Directors of Philanthropy: Leah Bechtold ’23 and Maura Donnelly ’24
Director of Networking: Thomas Dziwlik ’23

What does BUSF do for current Butler students?

1) Connects Students to Alumni

Dinner with 10 Bulldogs
Bulldogs Connect Networking Event each January

2) Unites and Educates the Student Body

I <3 BU Week
A celebration of what makes Butler, Butler. Each day of the week highlights a different aspect of campus that students love: College, Campus, and Community

Philanthropy Awareness Day 
We educate the student body on the importance of philanthropy on campus by helping students to understand how time, talent, and treasure can impact university needs.

Butler Day of Giving
We assist the Office of University Advancement in engaging the student body in Day of Giving. The Butler community comes together for 1,855 minutes of celebration and giving to make an impact for all Bulldogs.

Summer Send-offs
We meet and network with incoming students and their families in Butler Community cities all around the country.

How Do I Become a Member?
Undergraduates are selected for BUSF membership after completing an application and interview process. New members are selected at the beginning of each academic year. There are roughly 60 active members in the organization making up four committees: Member Development, Alumni Relations – Events, Alumni Relations – Dinner with 10 Bulldogs, and Philanthropy. Email us for more information.