Butler Community,

The Butler University Alumni Association is proud of the work we have completed since we prioritized diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in support of our alumni. Officially launched in June 2020, the Alumni Association’s DEI Task Force completed significant foundational work in pursuit of our goal to ensure all alumni feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in BUAA activities and programs.

Our efforts have been further supported with the arrival of Dr. Khalilah Shabazz as the University’s first VP and Chief Diversity Officer. Under her leadership, Dr. Shabazz is developing strategies and identifying tactics to help the Butler community accomplish strategic priority number 5. We are excited to continue our work leveraging both Dr. Shabazz’s leadership and the framework she is developing to ensure BUAA’s DEI activities and initiatives are aligned with the greater University strategy. To that end, we have revised our DEI statement of commitment which reflects our position and future direction. The Alumni Association recognizes that DEI work is never complete but is a commitment which will be actively practiced moving forward. We look forward to sharing regular updates with you during our community steering committee leadership calls and the BUAA annual report published early fall each year.

BUAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement of Commitment

The Butler University Alumni Association (BUAA) recognizes that our more than 51,000 Butler alumni are remarkable agents for change within their communities and within the greater Butler University community. BUAA — in alignment with Butler University leadership — is committed to cultivating an environment that embraces the diverse identities and experiences of its graduates and university community; promoting equity through practices and policies that ensure all alumni — current and future — can thrive; and striving for an inclusive culture where all members of the Butler community feel welcomed, valued, and able to maximize their engagement with the University.

Recent Momentum to Creating an Intentionally Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Learning and Working Environment

*graph and timeline only outline BUAA DEI alumni activities since 2020.

Butler University Alumni Association DEI Task Force created.

Momentum to Creating an Intentionally Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Learning and Working Environment at BU timeline