BUAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement of Commitment

Butler strives to be an authentically welcoming institution committed to diversity and antiracism and an institution that is sought out by faculty, staff, current and prospective students, alumni, donors, and friends who share that value. The Butler University Alumni Association is committed to creating a culture where all members of the Butler community feel welcome and are able to belong and contribute to their fullest potential.

The Butler University Alumni Association (BUAA) recognizes:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a priority. BU Leaders, Advancement, and Alumni Association leadership have made DEI a priority.
  • Issues have broader and historical context. The University and its graduates are members of an unstable racial and political environment with broader and historical context.
  • Black and underrepresented students are disengaged. Black and underrepresented graduates share stories of disengagement while on BU campus.
  • Community awareness needs to improve. The majority of the BU community, including graduates, are unaware of the different campus experiences across Black and underrepresented students.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is imperative to sustainability. There is a looming higher education enrollment “cliff.” DEI is not only a moral priority but also critical to Butler’s long-term success.

The BUAA and BU leadership will be champions for BUAA’s DEI efforts by uplifting the visibility of DEI initiatives and by providing resources and support that contribute to these desired outcomes.

BUAA policies will reflect inclusive practices. 

  • By serving on the BUAA board, a BU Community Steering Committee or as a member of Advancement staff, you are committed to DEI values and actions.
  • The BUAA board of directors’ scorecard will reflect our DEI commitment.
  • We will highlight Black and underrepresented graduates in BUAA collateral material.
  • We will increase representation of Black and underrepresented alumni on the BUAA board and BUAA Community Steering Committees.

Alumni leaders will be educated and aware of Black and underrepresented student and alumni journeys. 

  • We will create and maintain a BUAA DEI resource library for volunteer leaders and in on-boarding materials.
  • We will make time for DEI education at each BUAA board meeting.
  • We will be engaged in the continuous improvement of alumni journeys.

By facilitating the following activities, the BUAA and our alumni leaders will create an environment where alumni, especially Black and underrepresented alumni, feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in BUAA activities and programs.

  • We will create external programming that supports and reflects the shifts we seek in relationships, knowledge, awareness, capabilities, attitudes, and/or behaviors.
  • We will partner with the Butler University Student Foundation to increase equitable engagement opportunities for Black & underrepresented students.
  • DEI outreach plans for all alumni events (i.e. homecoming) and programs (i.e. admitted student notecard writing, award nominations) will become part of standard operating procedure.
  • We will increase Black and underrepresented alumni and student engagement and participation among BUAA activities.
  • We will continuously evaluate needs of identity communities (Black Alumni Association, LGBT Alumni Association and additional identity communities that may be established).