HLC Reaccreditation FAQs

Butler’s institutional accreditor is the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), an independent corporation founded in 1895 as one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States. HLC accredits degree-granting post-secondary education institutions in the United States.

Institutional accreditation validates the quality of an institution’s academic programs at all degree levels, whether delivered on-site, online, or otherwise. Institutional accreditation also examines the quality of the institution beyond its academic offerings and evaluates the institution, including the soundness of its governance and administration, adherence to mission, the sustainability of its finances, and the sufficiency of its resources.

The Assurance Argument is a narrative where the institution explains how it meets HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. Butler has formed work groups with representatives from across our campus community for each HLC criteria area (five in total).

Yes. Butler’s HLC work groups are responsible for drafting their respective Assurance Arguments, and incorporating feedback and data provided by faculty, staff, and students throughout the engagement phase.

Accreditation provides current and potential students assurance that they are receiving a quality education which will be recognized as such by potential employers or licensing boards as well as by other colleges or universities in case of student transfers or pursuit of a higher degree. Also, employer-paid tuition reimbursement programs often require that employee participants enroll in accredited institutions.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education recognizes accreditation as a marker to allow the institution to disperse federal (Title IV) student financial aid.

Butler submits its final Assurance Argument report in early December of 2022.

Butler faculty, staff, and students are invited to share examples of how Butler engages and exemplifies each of the five HLC criteria between March 1, 2022 into the fall 2022 semester. The HLC Engagement Committee hosts several ways to engage in the process. The HLC Engagement Campaign, Mission Possible, presents several modes of submitting feedback in the spring 2022 semester, with more opportunities to following.