Resources for Advising

Many resources are available to assist all aspects of the advising and registration process.  Advisors and advisees are encouraged to explore all resources to ensure a successful and smooth advising experience.

Policy and Administrative Resources

Registration and Records: assists with grading, registration, publication of academic policies and degree requirements, general enrollment and academic information, and much more.

My.Butler: access to your Student Center, university information, and services to manage the administrative tasks associated with your enrollment.

My.Butler Student Help: comprehensive information about all of the tasks you can complete in the My.Butler portal.

AP/IB/CLEP Credit: information about which test credits will count towards degree or Core requirements.

Transfer Credit: information about how transfer credits may apply to degree requirements.

FERPA Information: information about the rights students have in regard to their academic record.

Degree, Course, and Registration Resources

Academic Programs: search by college, available majors and minors, interests, and interdisciplinary programs.

Core Curriculum: overview of the Core Curriculum structure, including information about the common Core courses of FYS and GHS, and the six areas of inquiry.

Campus Resources

Click here for a checklist of Campus Resources.