Current Butler students who wish to take classes off campus need to obtain pre-approval. To request transfer credit approval, complete the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Approval Form and submit the application to the Dean’s office of your college for approval. ​

Please have an official transcript mailed to the Office of Registration and Records, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46208, upon completion of the course(s).

Credits earned at an institution which is on the quarter system will be converted to semester hours at Butler University. Three quarter hours equal two semester hours at Butler; four quarter hours equal two-and two-thirds semester hours at Butler; five quarter hours equal three-and-one-third semester hours at Butler.

In order for graduate coursework completed elsewhere to be applied towards a master’s degree at Butler University, students need to submit the Request for the Transfer of Graduate Credit application. Graduate transfer credit policies and instructions are located on the form.

A student must complete his or her last 30 hours of coursework at Butler. To request permission to transfer a class within those 30 hours, complete a Request for Permission to Transfer Credits in the Last 30 Hours form and submit the request to the Dean’s office of your college for approval.

Order an Official transcript of your Butler coursework and tell us the address where we should send it. Most schools prefer that we send it directly to them. You may also wish to have your Butler transcript sent again at the end of the semester, after grades and degrees are posted.

Please have an official transcript sent from your school to:

Butler University
Office of Admission
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

You will need to request an official transcript from the college where the credit was earned. Courses must be earned from a regionally accredited college or university. The official college transcript can be mailed directly from the institution to: Butler University Office of Admission 4600 Sunset Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46208-3485. For colleges and universities that issue official electronic transcripts, the transcripts can be sent directly from the institution to If the student wishes to hand deliver the college transcript, it must be submitted in the issuing institution’s original sealed envelope. Opened transcripts are not considered official. A transfer credit report will be mailed to the student’s home address once the coursework evaluation has been completed. Students can also view their transfer credit report online on

Undergraduate students who wish to take summer classes at Butler can register as a “Guest,” and no transcripts from your home school are necessary. For more info, visit the Summer Guest Registration page.