Residence Life

Our Mission

Residence Life is committed to supporting the educational mission of Butler University by providing opportunities for students to live, learn, and grow in a community which fosters respect, responsibility and appreciation for self and others.

We help students to:

  • transition through the developmental stages of University life
  • develop life skills
  • learn about themselves, others, and the world
  • develop leadership and professional skills
  • learn individual responsibility
  • achieve their academic goals

We Create a Community

The term "community" means different things to different people. The Department of Residence Life defines community as an environment where people:

  • know each other
  • have shared goals
  • have a say in setting guidelines under which they live
  • have ways of holding community members accountable to these guidelines
  • respect as well as celebrate individual differences
  • feel safe to enhance their personal growth

We Respect Diversity

We believe that Butler's residential community assists its residents in developing skills and attitudes necessary to become positive and productive members of society. We believe that of these necessary skills and attitudes, the ability and willingness to appreciate and celebrate individual differences and explore new ideas are very important. Butler is a community composed of students, faculty and staff of different genders, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, religious affiliations, races, ages, sexual orientations and levels of able-bodiedness. We will not tolerate harassment in any form based on these differences and we hold our community members accountable this standard. We pride ourselves on our diversity. Each of us must do their part to encourage productive interactions and relationships among the residents who live in our halls and Greek houses. We believe a great deal is to be learned, taught and shared by each of us. So stretch yourself; get to know someone different from you. Learn what another culture is all about. We believe your experience at Butler will be richer for it!


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