Jordan College of the Arts is committed to the highest quality arts education by providing focused professional study and fostering an understanding of the interrelatedness of all the arts. Through this integration we develop artist-citizens who are actively engaged in the community.

Our five academic departments, art, arts administration, dance, music, and theatre, focus on specific areas of study within their fields, be it the intersection of art and design in the Art program, Classical Ballet in the Department of Dance, or Non-profit Arts Management in the Arts Administration department.

Our college arts core brings together students from all our programs to explore the arts in the context of each other, examining mutual influences, parallel objectives, and similar expressions achieved by diverse means.

Through our community outreach program, the Butler Community Arts School, one hundred Butler students teach music and other arts to almost two thousand young people in Indianapolis, most of whom are on scholarship. 

All Jordan College of Arts students-future artist-citizens-are involved in the arts both on campus and off, attending concerts and exhibitions throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana, performing for diverse audiences at Butler and on tour, and working in arts organizations throughout the country. 

Extraordinary Results of In-Depth Alumni Survey

Jordan College of the Arts recently conducted an extensive survey of our alumni.  The results show that we are head and shoulders above institutions like ours. 
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