Exciting Opportunities
The mission of our department is to provide a program in chemistry that offers opportunities for a quality and comprehensive learning experience for students. We strive to accomplish this training in fun and creative ways.

Students in our department experience:

Comprehensive Curriculum
The Department of Chemistry offers courses in all the areas of chemistry: inorganic, physical, organic, analytical, and biochemistry plus interdisciplinary courses involving biology, environmental and forensic science, and psychology.

Undergraduate Research
in addition to participating in one on one research experiences during the academic school year, students also engage in summer research programs through the Butler Summer Institute (BSI), National Science Foundation (NSF-REU), and internships with several local chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Active Learning
We believe students learn best when they actively participate in the educational process. At Butler, students are first exposed to discovery-based learning in the introductory laboratory courses and become fully engaged in problem solving throughout their upper level coursework.

Personal Attention
Students get personal attention in classroom, excellent academic advising, and open access to experts in a wide variety of chemical fields. Ours is a department that fosters an environment where students feel like part of the family.

From the depth of coverage in our classes to the development of professional skills, the outcome of this training is a well-prepared, fully equipped graduate that can compete in the 21st century global economy. Recent graduates have gone on to world class graduate schools, are working for major chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and have entered into well respected professional medical, law, and forensic programs.

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