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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Google Contact Lenses

Happy Tuesday to all. Whilst surfing the web today, I stumbled upon an article that said Google just filed a patent for a contact lens version of Google’s computer glasses released earlier this year.


Photo courtesy of

The patent for these lenses sprouted a few months after Google revealed a prototype for a pair of contact lenses that would monitor the wearer’s glucose levels. From this prototype evolved what are essentially Google Glass contact lenses. These contact lenses would have the many features of Google Glass, including built-in cameras, and could potentially assist blind wearers by using the camera to process certain things within the camera’s “field of vision.” Patent Bolt’s analysis of the patent states that the contacts would not be controlled by voice as Google Glass is, but rather through a system of “unique blinking patterns.”

I don’t know much about what all Google Glass does, but to be perfectly honest, this idea freaks me out a bit. Having something literally in your face that is partially like a computer makes me feel weird. Also, the whole blinking pattern to control the lenses seems a little comical to me. I do understand that the lenses would indeed have beneficial purposes, and yes the evolution of technology is inevitable and useful, but I still feel uneasy about having some sort of version of a computer with a camera in my eyeballs.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

End of the Week Happiness

Happy Friday everyone! I blogged yesterday about how I have been riding the struggle bus all week long, but thankfully, the end of my week has been pretty good!

I mentioned yesterday that my iPhoto broke, just as I am about to embark on a photographic journey for one of my art classes. Yesterday afternoon, I took my computer to the IT Desk, and they worked their magic. I dropped my computer off for a few hours and they fixed it completely, making my day a lot better. If you ever have computer issues, go see them!

Another plus to the end of this week was Crush Party. Last night, my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, had a mystery date dinner party. We had the option of inviting our own date, or having the other girls in the house pick a mystery date for us without us knowing. Since I am all about being bold these days, I decided to go for the mystery date. My date ended up being my friend Grant, and it was a wonderful time.

Me and Grant

The highlight of the evening was when Grant locked himself in the bathroom and texted me in a panic saying he was trapped. It was really funny, and apparently a few other people later in the evening locked themselves in as well. Classic.

The excitement just keeps coming! One of my best friends from home, Breanna, is coming to visit me today! She will be arriving later this evening and is spending the night. I am so incredibly excited for her to come visit me, meet my friends, and see my school.

The final installment of excitement to the end of this week is that Theta’s semi-formal is tomorrow night. Semi-formal is a dance that the house has every year. The theme is 1920s, and my friend Grant is coming with me to that as well. Hopefully he stays out of the bathroom.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

The Internet Made Us Dumb

Happy Thursday everyone! It is no secret that I love the Internet. It is a vast resource of information, accessible at any moment of any day. The Internet is so great because it provides us with the opportunity to discover and learn new things, and sites like YouTube have allowed people a platform in which they can share their talents with the world. Although the Internet is an incredibly wonderful place, I am confident that it is making us all dumb.

The sad world we live in.


The greatest strength and weakness of the Internet is that anyone can post anything for anyone in the world to see. Although this serves as a great opportunity to discover things that bring much joy to our lives, society’s inability to exercise proper grammar has ruined it all. Whilst scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed, I dare you to count the number of grammatical errors you see. There are probably so many that you would lose count. Seeing their, there, and they’re, to, and too, as well as your and you’re constantly misused, hurts my heart. These simple mistakes are made on a broader scale than just social networking posts. I stumbled upon a blog the other day, and within one paragraph, every use of the word “your” was misspelled/misused. Being surrounded by these errors honestly makes me take a minute to make sure I am using the proper word when I am typing something on the computer. Before I became internet addicted, I could use these words without second-guessing myself. Now that I am bombarded with misuse of grammar, I am indeed vulnerable to its forces.

Speaking on a broader scale, technology in general has made us stupid. The people producing these technologies, and the technologies themselves, are getting smarter, while the consumer using these products is becoming dumber. Who needs to know how to spell “definitely” if autocorrect will change it for you? Who needs to know how to read a map if your GPS will just tell you where to go? Who needs to know how to properly prepare a fish if your iPhone will just tell you what to do? (have you seen that commercial? It makes me sick!) I have honestly noticed my spelling has gotten progressively worse because of autocorrect, and that is SAD! Although technology is great and we are making advances in our world by using it, we are so incredibly dependent on technology that we are losing our smarts. I guarantee you that you cannot spend an evening with anyone without them either having their phone on the table/in their hand the whole night, or without them constantly checking it. Get your faces out of your phones people, and live in the real world! Use your brain! If you don’t know how to spell a word, don’t Google it, look it up in the dictionary! As I said before, I truly do love the internet, but I do agree that it is slowly ruining us all. On that happy and positive note, have a wonderful week and thanks for reading :)

My Observations

Happy Wednesday! One of my favorite past times is people watching. I like to think I am a fairly observant person, and I absolutely love observing people. Through my intense obervations I have concluded a few things.

1. Technology is taking over: Think about it- when you walk out of a class, take a minute to look and see how many people whip out their phones right away. It really would not be that difficult to take the five minute walk back to the dorms (or wherever you reside) without your nose buried in your phone, yet people take out their phones the second they can. Now that iPhones make the Internet accessible wherever you are, people can hardly have conversations without getting consumed by this technology. Sooner or later human beings won’t be able to think for themselves and we will just be programmed to have phones built into our hands or something ridiculous like that.

2. Girls love wearing rain boots: It rained a little bit yesterday, and when I left for my morning classes there were no puddles on the ground, yet almost all girls on campus felt the need to wear rain boots. Wearing rain boots is like the next generation of Ugg Boots. At least these ones can be a bit more fashionable than the lumpy, discolored mess that is an Ugg foot accessory.

3. Leggings are okay to wear as pants: Apparently pants are a thing of the past and leggings are now acceptable to wear out in public. I will admit that I have done this before, but I have never worn them as part of a legitimate outfit, I only wear them with a sweatshirt or under my Forever Lazy when I am lounging around. The apparent classic outfit to wear with leggings, one that I have seen over and over again, consists of a chambray shirt with a scarf, black leggings, and brown high boots. I am not making this stuff up, take a minute and look around. It’s everywhere!

4. If you do something incredibly strange, no one will question you: The other day my roommate Ashni and I wore our Forever Lazies in public for the first time. We went to C Club, looking a tad foolish, but no one questioned us. Another strange thing I did recently (to be honest, the list goes on for days) was wear 3-D glasses with the lenses punched out to class. These glasses are part of my Halloween costume so I was trying them on to see how they looked. I decided to wear them to dinner and then I just kept them on and wore them to class later that night. If you act very strangely, everyone will be too weirded out to question you, so you can get away with quite a lot.

Publicly wearing Forever Lazies

Those are just a few of my most recent observations. I am sure I will have many more to share with you in the future. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week :)